ACS was founded in 1978 and is currently the largest Cash in Transit Company in the Bahamas.  ACS started out with two (2) Armoured vehicles in Nassau and now has seventeen (17) vehicles attached to its fleet in the
Nation’s Capital Nassau and two (2) in Freeport.  We opened our doors to our Freeport location in 2001 and business continues.


Over the years ACS has grown from just a Cash in Transit company that offers multiple services involving cash transactions and the transit of value assets.


ACS prides itself in being the most efficient reliable trusted Cash in Transit Company in the Bahamas to date.


Our staff compliment includes a highly qualified Management Team and Professional certified Armed Guards who are all well trained to perform their duties on a daily basis.


Route Management and Monitoring: Global Positioning System (GPS)- based video systems are installed in vehicles to monitor on-board activities, route monitoring (pickup/delivery, start/stops)and vehicle speed and location.


Real Time Route Transaction Processing:  Mobile hand-held computers provide real-time point-of-pickup and delivery transaction processing.  The system is expected to substantially improve route management and administration related processes.


Incorporated in The Bahamas, Armoured Car Services Ltd. is a secured transport and security-related services provider with more than 40 years industry experience.


Core Values

Trusted – We perform with honesty, vigilance, and a high demonstration of ethics, integrity and respect in everything we do.

Safe – Take calculated risks as we strive for incomparable quality, innovation, value and exceeding client fulfillment.

Reliable – We take accountability and ownership of the results we deliver every day we provide our clients with solutions tailored to satisfy their unique risk management requirements.

Secure – Assured safety of our people and the valuables we protect.Every action we take is to make the client experience better. We possess the requisite “know-how” and superior resources necessary to meet every organization expectations.